Singles Ministry

SINGLE LIFE – is the new and improve Singles Ministry of NLT. Recognizing that all Christians are called to envision God's future together, we affirm that SINGLE LIFE is a unique call to offer understanding, compassion, and support to one another in promoting wholeness.

We accept and encourage persons to labor together with God for the accomplishment of God's work entrusted to all. We proclaim kinship with Jesus Christ as we promote understanding and support for each other.

SINGLE LIFE will provide a support network for new visions, strategies, goals, and personal worth, focused on God, for the adult person who has never married or who is divorced or widowed.

As the body of Christ, we seek to enrich the lives of all persons. We will respond through mutual sharing, unconditional love, and development of a greater appreciation of other cultures and diversities of persons. We celebrate and affirm our call to promote the spirit of wholeness for all. We seek to increase our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we recognize each individual's uniqueness. We encourage each person to be faithful in their relationship with God and with other persons.


S. S. Breakfast - 9:00 AM
Sunday  School - 10:00 AM
Worship Service - 11:00 AM

Noonday Prayer – 12:00 PM
1-on-1 Bible Study – 7:00 PM
General Bible Study – 8:00 PM


Contact Us

4905 Avenue D
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Phone: (718) 209-9111
Fax: (718) 629-1368

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